“Our friendship’s true bond strengthened while drinking bourbon, both on and off-screen for over a decade. Brother’s Bond is a nod to our on-screen characters, our shared love for great bourbon, and a reflection of the brotherhood we have formed over the years.”

Ian Somerhalder

Paul Wesley


The making of our bourbon was an unforgettable journey that has brought us here, to share with you.

Crafting an exceptional taste profile took time and patience. After the long process of blending and tasting an ample assortment of mash bills, we are proudly presenting to the world a bourbon that will captivate palates with its harmonious balance of complex flavors.


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Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey

American Blended Rye Whiskey

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Best Enjoyed with Friends and Loved Ones

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Mystic Charmer

Brother’s Fashioned

Bourbon Sunset

Bond Fire

Our Cause

Our goal is to help reverse climate change. To meet our goal, we will be giving back a portion of proceeds to support regenerative farming practices.