OUR METHOD We honor the distilling and aging traditions of classic American Bourbon. WATCH BOURBON MAKING VIDEO


We source our classic four grains (corn, rye, wheat, and barley) from a variety of farms. A sensory evaluation of the grain is a key first step for making great bourbon. Each delivery of grain is evaluated by a well-trained sensory panel to assure the grain meets the distillery’s high-quality standards.


We cook our grains with well-water from a glacier-aquifer. The well-water runs through shale with interbedded limestone; this water neutralizes the acidity in the sour mash (collected from previous batches) and increases pH levels. This higher pH level is beneficial for cooking and fermentation. The limestone adds useful minerals, like calcium, and filters out impurities. The water, the enzymes from the malted barley, and the grains all work together to break down the starches into fermentable sugars. The mash is then cooled and ready for fermentation.


The proprietary yeast strain is cultured in laboratories and is pitched in the cool mash. This starts the conversion of sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide which causes the mash to bubble. The yeast contributes fruity and floral notes to the spirit. This process takes about three days, and the result is a mixture called distiller’s beer.


The distiller’s beer enters the top of a copper-column still, falling through perforated copper trays to the bottom where steam is added. The alcohol in the distiller’s beer vaporizes and rises to the top of the still. Passing through a copper doubler and into a condenser, the vapor is cooled into a clear spirit called white dog. The grain, the water of the remaining yeast cells, is a by-product that is used again on the next batch (sour mash). The copper still and copper pot doubler eliminate the sulfur (impurities), shape the flavors, and improve the spirit’s taste.


The white dog whiskey is then skillfully cut at 120 proof into virgin American white oak barrels, with the barrel staves with #4 char and the barrel heads with #2 char. The magic that happens in the barrels needs time, and we age our bourbon slowly and well. Once our bourbon is aged just right, we blend and mix to achieve a perfectly balanced taste profile.


We have blended and tasted many batches of bourbon. We didn’t stop until we crafted a bourbon that has a taste profile that is smooth, complex, and in perfect balance. We hand-select every Brother’s Bond Bourbon batch to ensure that our original batch gold standard is achieved and that every bottle’s quality and taste is just right before bottling.